Did Sotomayor Save Baseball? Not Really

Did Sotomayor Save Baseball? Not Really 
The myth of Sotomayor has been cited with regard to Judge Susan Nelson’s forced ending of the NFL lockout.  The problem is Sotomayor prolonged a dysfunctional economic structure for baseball and did nothing to help the game, and Susan Nelson may be doing the same for the NFL.

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Rising Health Costs, and How to Lower Them Without Rationing Care

Rising Health Costs, and How to Lower Them Without Rationing Care.

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Race to the Top of the Laffer Curve

The NY Times gets it wrong on taxes and overseas economic activity.

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NASCAR Hard Questions That (Shouldn’t) Go Unasked

The controversial Shootout of 2011 at Daytona reignited questions about the sport of stock car racing that are going unasked yet need to be answered.

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The President’s Trap of Thinking the Midterms Weren’t That Bad

The Man On The Way Up basically ignored the reality of the midterm elections in calling for yet more spending instead of addressing the need to STOP such spending.

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South Korea Stands Up For Itself

South Korea is standing up for itself – and North Korea is starting to cave as a result.

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Huffington Post Oblivious To The Facts About Fannie and Freddie

The Huffington Post is at it again with opinion pieces oblivious to the real world.

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